Water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring hopes to round up a year of successful fundraising, on its charity eCard platform with the release of its Happy New year ecards. There are a dozen cards in the series. The charity is expecting its supporters and visitors to their website to send New Year greetings.

The main target of the new ecards are those who forgot to send Christmas cards to their friends, colleagues and loved ones. Sending a new year eCard will help to ensure they did not miss our sending greeting during the holiday season.

The newly released eCard includes four, targeted at people who do not celebrate Christmas or new year, but wish to participate in the season’s festivities. It simply says seasons or winter greetings. Users of Hope Spring’s charity eCard platform can start sending the new eCards from 29th of December.

A spokesperson for the charity, Seun Olonade said “we had a strong take up of our Christmas eCards. Buoyed by that, we launch our new year and winter greeting range”. Hope Spring charity eCard platform, has been one of the organisation’s most reliable fundraisers.

Seun Olonade added “we do not expect new year ecards to be as successful as our Christmas eCards, but any additional donation generated by this new set of eCards, will help us achieve some of the projects we plan for next year”.

Hope Spring uses funds it raises from ecards and events it organises to fund clean water projects in Africa. Their clean water projects include boreholes and well construction. They plan to complete four borehole projects in 2023.

You can find out more information about Hope Spring from their website and social media pages.

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