Handcrafted Group Photo, Handcrafted, Lloyds Bank Foundation England & Wales, Neil Sashoua, Portrait, Voluntary Sector Charity visit by Regional Manager, Neil Shashoua, to Handcrafted in Gateshead. Shot by photographer Simon Veit-Wilson

Small specialist charities supporting people to overcome complex issues such as addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, and sexual abuse, are today (18 October) invited to apply for unrestricted grants of £75,000 alongside a range of tailored development support from Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales.

Small and local charities have an in-depth understanding of the communities they serve and are at the frontline of supporting people most greatly impacted by the rising cost of living, yet they continue to face challenges in both the rising demand for their support and rising operating costs. These unrestricted grants are accompanied by development support tailored to charities’ needs, helping to build and strengthen skills to help charities meet and adapt to challenges and secure funding elsewhere.

The Foundation’s flexible approach to funding helps charities with the costs of delivering services, while the development support helps build strong foundations for charities through training, mentoring and networking. This holistic approach strengthens charities’ ability to improve lives and create sustainable change.

The support offer also maximises the Foundation’s partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, bringing together individuals and teams from the Group to offer volunteering opportunities, mentoring and skills sharing with charities the Foundation supports.

Lloyds Bank Foundation is offering unrestricted funding to specialist charities with an income of £25,000 – £500,000. These grants are available to charities that predominantly focus on one of eight themes: addiction, asylum seekers and refugees, care leavers, domestic abuse, homelessness, offending, sexual abuse and exploitation, trafficking, and modern slavery.

André Clarke, Director of Charity Development at Lloyds Bank Foundation, said: “Small charities are the backbone of our communities, providing vital support to people facing disadvantage. Unrestricted funding gives charities the flexibility to respond to the immediate needs of those they support while creating space to plan for the future. By funding small, specialist charities at a local level, and investing in their development, we can make a huge difference to people and communities across England and Wales.”

Applications will be open from 10am on 1 November and close on Thursday 25 January 2024, 5pm. For information and to apply, visit https://www.lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk/funding