Christchurch-based Bridge Health & Wellbeing is delighted to be part of AquAid’s latest project, installing additional water wells, known as elephant pumps, in Africa.

Running a company focused on health and wellbeing, founders Paul and Louise O’Connell are well aware of the benefits of access to clean water. “When we chose a water supplier for our clinic, we decided to use AquaAid to benefit our clients and do some good for the world at the same time,” Paul O’Connell, co-founder and lead physiotherapist at Bridge Health & Wellbeing, commented. “Since AquAid opened its doors in 1998, it has donated over £19 million and helped bring a lifetime supply of clean, fresh drinking water to more than 3.5 million people. We are proud to be playing a part in that and to participate in this latest project.”

Paul and Louise O’Connell, Bridge Health and Wellbeing

Deep underground, there is potable water – even in the Sahara Desert. But reaching it can be problematic. That’s why sustainable, practical and cost-effective solutions such as the Elephant Pump are essential. The Elephant Pump is a water pump based on an ancient Chinese design. It is built from and maintained using materials locally available in remote rural sub-Saharan African communities and supplies vital fresh water to the disadvantaged communities that need it most.

Fern Shaw from AquAid said, “By using our water coolers, Bridge Health & Wellbeing has helped save the lives of many children in Africa. With every water cooler and bottle of water they obtain from AquAid, a donation is made on their behalf to The Africa Trust. These funds are used to directly build fresh drinking water wells in areas in Africa where it is most needed, like schools and villages.”

Once the new pump is installed, Bridge Health & Wellbeing will receive a photo, certificate and letter of thanks from the villagers and pupils.

“Water is a vital source of life, influencing 100% of the processes in our body. It keeps our fluid levels balanced, optimises kidney and liver function, protects our joints and cartilage, reduces the risk of disease, improves our mood and helps prevent headaches. It is vital for our staff and our clients – and for all communities around the world.” Louise O’Connell, co-founder of Bridge Health & Wellbeing and Pilates teacher, added.

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