Platfform, the mental health and social change charity, is launching a new service that provides training, workplace wellbeing and counselling to organisations and individuals with the aim of bringing an alternative trauma-informed approach to mental health.

This unique combination of training and counselling will focus on relationships in the workplace building empathy, understanding, and connection. Our approach provides a much longer-term way of understanding and managing mental health challenges in a preventative rather than reactive way.

We will work with businesses to understand their unique challenges, helping employers and employees create the conditions for staff to feel supported and thrive – creating space for growth and retention.

All profits from Platfform Wellbeing services will be reinvested back into the Platfform charity to support its mental health and social change community projects.

The launch event will be hosted at the PwC offices in Cardiff on Thursday 9th March from 12.30pm and will comprise a lunchtime panel Q&A featuring a panel of psychologists and industry leaders who will discuss “The Future of Workforce Mental Health”.

Ewan Hilton, CEO at Platfform said:

“We are really excited to be launching Platfform Wellbeing, our new workplace training and counselling service, drawing on 30 years’ experience in the mental health sector. Platfform’s strategic vision is sustainable wellbeing for all, and workplaces are integral to fostering and maintaining good mental health for many of us.

That’s why Platfform Wellbeing is so important to the charity. It presents a real opportunity to provide an evidence-based way of supporting organisations and individuals to create the right leadership and workplace culture that means everyone has agency, feels valued, supported, is treated fairly, and can thrive.

Too many workplace mental health initiatives are reactive, too focused on ‘fixing the individual’. We believe in taking a more holistic, preventative approach by encouraging empathy, understanding and connection across teams and organisations. Connection with colleagues and safe spaces to be our authentic selves in work are critical to enable teams to support each other and feel supported.

All of Platfform’s work is underpinned by a trauma-informed approach to mental health as evidenced by our recent Manifesto which calls for an evolution in the way that mental health is understood and treated.”


About Platfform Wellbeing:

Platfform Wellbeing is a commercial training, workplace wellbeing and counselling service aimed at organisations across the private, public and third sector. It offers kind, compassionate responses at times of distress and supporting organisations with creating cultures and teams than enable people to thrive.

About Platfform:

Platfform is the charity for mental health and social change.  Platfform works with people who are experiencing challenges with their mental health, and with communities who want to create a greater sense of connection, ownership and wellbeing in the places that they live.

Platfform runs 120 projects and services across crisis prevention and home; employment, volunteering and skills development;  children, young people and families; and wellbeing, supporting over 9000 people a year.